187 Cory Hall

Just a small sample of the type and quality of work we do here in the Cory Hall Machine Shop.
Three-Phase Free Piston Stirling Engine
A low cost solar thermal electric technology for distributed power generation (Prof. Sanders).
PFTS Sensor Plugs for Prof. Glaser
Gas Welds for Prof. Amundson
Upgrade to a 4" Wafer Etcher
Allows the machine to handle 6 or 4" wafers without having to reset it for each size (Microlab).
Single Drop Ejection System for Prof. Subramanian
Piezo-Electric Printhead

(Click on an area to to see a close-up.)

Used to make microlenses. We first create droplet microlenses (uv-curable epoxy) on silicon/quartz substrate. Using the print-head, we control the volume of the microlenses and thereby adjust their optical properties.

The printhead can generate ~ 30-picoliter droplets with ~40 Ám-diameter.

The setup has also been used to lubricate the joints of micro-robots, to fill up micro-fluidic chambers, and to test accoustic wave-sensors for airborne particles.

Hyuck Choo (Prof. Muller)